At LFS, we have an insurance division to support you in everything related to cargo insurance. Skholl offers you expert Risk Management Assessment to protect the value of your cargo during its import, export and inland transportation.

Carrier liability vs. All-risk insurance

Liability can be confusing and tricky to understand. Here is why you should always choose an All Risk policy.

Shipment details: One carton, 100 lbs (45Kg), $10.000 value.



How can I insure my cargo?

You can do it two ways:

  • For LFS shipments, you can quote and get your insurance through the TMS or an Agent. It’s easy and fast! Also, you should request the User’s Guide.

  • If you need to insure international shipments, send us an email at:

What does the insurance cover?


What do I need when insuring?

You can insure any shipment instructed with us, for both international or inland USA destinations. It's easy!

This is the basic information you will need:

  • Cargo’s origin and destination.
  • Cargo’s weight.
  • Cargo’s type.
  • Beneficiary = Cargo owner
  • Beneficiary’s location (country).

*If there is any information in the BOL, we will take it from there.

Our Rates

Our rates are specially made for LFS clients. You can insure from USD $ 0.20 cents for every USD $100 with a minimum of USD $35 until USD $17,500 insured value.

*Rates may vary for Latin America and special countries.


*This is an exclusive service for LFS clients. *Rates may vary according to the transit country. *There can be exclusions for cargo type and countries in the OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) list. *Deductibles can be applied.

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